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не пришло уже 2 транзакции с  ZCL  на кошелек Cryptopia t1WQiXfpwj5N3MUisPCtF26JSFhKgLk7ziL   что делать ? в тикет написал - молчат

Сейчас в новостях написано у них, если вывод зкл будет висеть до форка, то они раздадут всем btcp, но торговать им будет нельзя, только вывести.

 Сам не знаю, на тикет не отвечали, написал им в facebook номер тикета и номер транзакции сказал что прошла неделя, через пару часов зашёл и вижу что транзакция отменена, может просто совпадение

Thread: Information

My withdrawal ID #3150470 already stuck in processing over 5 days. Support Ticket ID already 4 days without any replay. please fix it as soon as. or any update news?

Thread: Information

i have the same problem, been over a month now no awnser Sender / Recipient Amount Fee Height Timestamp deadline nbt6rv-aukfxh-wezzdg-2zpggq-ircgyu-je3ddb-wi7o nbq73b-ylvgmo-7l2wfg-2vvojh-obwwjk-w7d3v7-ue4e 1884.000000 0.100000 1474915 2018-01-25 12:45:43 2018-01-26 12:45:43 tx hash: 7c472fbdbf1b94b1bad9cff9c998f0693786601a06353e3908b2f55400c6f503

Thread: Information

Why don't you make a disclaimer/warning in regards to withdrawal and deposit delay upon registration until you guys figure this all out? That way you will eliminate the  complains while you do some catching up with all the support tickets that you've gotten.  Instead of being too greedy and looking to add new members while your staff is still very limited and tech is not up to par like the other exchange. Negativity spreads like wildfire. Do something about this, or there will prolly be no future for cryptopia. Just my 2 cents.

Thread: Altcoins

APR Coin -  10,000% APR  scaling down  3000 for MNIt's a bit of a perfect name for a silly coin, but it is actually so much more than a silly coin.  Very professional team, working round the clock. I really do expect great things from these guys.     You can check out the APR Coin team at the link above.  Thank you.    

 Как сделать чтоб отменили? Тикет? У меня висит зкл уже давно, думаю до форка пропоморозят.

Thread: Information

guys i get answer my ticket 4 hour ago i will update after problem solved. my ticket was 13 days old and problem was fail transaction.

Thread: Trading

 Thanks for the info, think I'm going to try and bail from here and never come back.  The fact they don't understand what they've done to people is appalling...20 days to respond to a ticket???  Totally unacceptable!

Thread: Trading

I had a BCH withdrawing in processing already 5 days. and support ticket already 4 days but no reply. Does anyone has the same situation?

 ПОЗДРАВЛЯЮ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! скидывыай в биткоин выводи дай Бог и больше не возвращайся, 5 штук денег висит уже больше недели , даже для Сиднея это бабки, с пидерастами что общего ??

Thread: Trading

Tried to deposit from a buddy, shows it went through and the UBIQ network shows my cryptopia wallet has the exact funds, yet they are not showing up in my balances. I am unsure if anyone else is experiencing this issue or not. Pretty unreal.

Наконец-то отменили вывод спустя неделю, а теперь вопрос, если я снова начну выводить то оно опять застрянет? Как тогда вывести?

Thread: Trading

  you are lucky that your transaction failed !! I wish mine failed as well so I could just sell coins to BTC that already lost value due to being stuck for over 6 days, and just never come back to this exchange worst experience ever, they have over thousand negative comments at facebook and twitter and zero reaction, no consideration for customers what so ever it says it all about this place